MARENGO IMBALLAGGI has a 30 years history in the international market, following a family tradition begun in 1966, that is at its third entrepreneurial generation.

The company production was initially dedicated to the confectionery industry, field in which,  thanks to HCCP food compatibility certification, the company has obtained a leading position.
Subsequently it has been specialized in the cardboard production coupled with aluminum or plastics, films of polypropylene, paper coupled with natural and colored aluminum, all realized in sheet or coil.


The applied technology concurs to satisfy the necessities of the more sophisticated and demanding customers; since every job comes executed from coil, MARENGO IMBALLAGGI can easy combine competitive quality, service and price.
Moreover the company , for a decade has developed technologically innovative products for the field of the chemical, oleose and food products bottling, specializing in multilayer materials for the thermo-induction seals.

MARENGO IMBALLAGGI has chosen as business philosophy the continuous research for improvement, using the best the production processing and elevating the standard of quality;
that has signified in the years to being able to propose to the customer solutions often customized at the specific product's application requirements.
The product line is therefore in a position to satisfy every requirement of the market since, beyond producing in the "Standard" typology, MARENGO IMBALLAGGI has know-how and the technicians able to create products that address particular customer's needs.